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Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarassed millionaires. ~John Steinbeck Atlanta, GA Via Brooklyn, NY

747, the plane that hit the Twin Towers.


747, the plane that hit the Twin Towers.

  • White tumblr can understand that wearing a short skirt and high heels doesn't mean you were asking for it, but they can't understand that sagging your pants and saying nigga doesn't mean you deserved to be killed.

R u following them


- having a Déjà Mooday…yikes…

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"A new poll from Pew Research found that only 11% of those surveyed who identified themselves as libertarian were correctly able to identify the very basic meaning of libertarianism …

Weirdly, that same poll found that 41% of libertarians believe that the government should regulate business, 46% of libertarians believe that corporations make too much profit, and 38% of libertarians believe that government aid to the poor is a good thing.

Similarly, of the so-called libertarians polled, 42% believe that police should be able to stop and search people who “look like criminals,” and 26% think “homosexuality should be discouraged.”

What happened to limited government and more individual freedoms? Basically, people in America who call themselves libertarians have absolutely no idea what libertarianism is really about.”

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"open carry" is about over compensation. There should be a listing of restaurants that don’t allow prosthetic confidence.

And all the women who open carry - what exactly are they “overcompensating” for?

I have never seen one.
If i were to open carry I am sure I would be killed.
Privilege must be awesome “I wasn’t born with anything be black and hard…”